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Book a Reiki session

Get your reading in person, via Phone or Skype.

Contact me for an in-person reading if you're in the Atlantic Highlands NJ area.

Here's how it works: Once you have completed your transaction below,
you will be contacted by email to arrange a time for your session. 

In Person 

Client will relax fully clothed on the Reiki table. 

Only shoes, glasses need to be removed. Reiki is a light touch therapy, 

the practitioners hands are gently placed on specific points to 

naturally support your body's ability to heal.

Reiki does NOT interfere with medications or medical treatment. 

**Reiki is a complimentary practice & is NOT a substitute for medical treatment

Distance Reiki is an excellent option 

for anyone who can not come to receive an in person session.

A time for the session is arranged. Goals for the session will be

discussed before the session.

The client should be resting in a quiet, comfortable place

at the agreed upon time & for the duration of session.

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For info & appointments contact

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