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Meet Helene

I am a Professional Psychic Medium.

I work with Tarot to help me connect with Spirit. Mostly, I simply "hear" the message, which is called Clairaudience. As a clairaudient & clairvoyant, I enjoy working with Tarot for it's visual imagery. Whatever the medium, my purpose is to help others receive Spiritual Guidance.

My Mediumship abilities allow me to connect clients with loved ones who have passed over & share messages. However, there are no guarantees which loved ones may come through the Reading. 


A devotee of Goddess centered spirituality, my studies have included natural medicine, aromatherapy, crystal healing & reiki.

What can a reading do for you?

Help you release old energies, see blockages & release them. 

Provide insight and guidance.
Help you visualize your goals. 

Empower you.

Discover the healing power of Reiki

Reiki is a gentle non invasive healing technique

Reiki is a deeply relaxing therapy that promotes natural healing



  • Releases stress & tension

  • Encourages restful sleep  

  • Reduces Blood Pressure

  • Stimulates the Immune System

  • Helps detoxify the body

  • Increases Energy

  • Helps to relieve symptoms from Chronic Health conditions

  • Helps manage anxiety

  • Accelerates the body's natural ability to heal 

Half Hour Distance Reiki $50

Visit the Magick Shop


While my Etsy shop is on hiatus, you can still purchase a few of my most popular items right here — handcrafted candles, aromatherapy sprays & natural perfumes. 

Each item is prepared with the magick of intention!

Come back often to see what I have added.


"There are tons of spiritual guides in the industry, but if you want someone who is excellent with their craft and natural gifts, then Helene is the intuitive goddess you seek."

- Karen D.

More Testimonials


"Helene has been my spiritual advisor for several years. Not only is she incredibly insightful, she is compassionate, intuitive and her readings are exceedingly accurate. Helene is the real deal."

- Ellen M

I've known Helene of Intuitive Goddess for about 5 years. I have never been disappointed!! She is most definitely TAPPED IN to the Universe. Using the Tarot as a tool, the cards are just a pictorial confirmation of the information she's channeling from her guides. She has a no nonsense, grounded approach and seems to effortlessly convey the information, drawing you into the experience. She understands people, the human condition, offering her own sage advice along the journey. This must have been what it was like back when we'd seek out the Wise woman of the community, to heal our physical and spiritual self. So grab a notebook and pen, take notes because the information comes fast and furiously. If it doesn't make sense, give it a minute. I promise you it will.

- Mimi

Helene, You are amazing!! Hannah was found near a rundown farmhouse with scrap in the yard! She is at the Emergency Vet getting evaluated. She is well... like you said... she is now safe! Thank you, so much, and my rescue group is so grateful for your insights!!
- Victoria

"The first time Helene did a reading for me, she told me to stop expending energy because a job offer was right around the corner. I had the job offer in 72 hours. She is honest and tells it like she sees it. She has a gift."
- Lisa


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