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Create Your Sacred Space 
Cleanse & Clear energy negative energy, creating a sense of
Well Being and Positive Vibes.
Perfect for Meditation, Altars, Creating Sacred Space,
Yoga Practice, Ceremonial & Ritual Work.
**A great alternative, especially for those with sensitivities to smoke.

Palo Santo is the star in this blend of Essential oils including
Cedarwood & Sandlalwood 
The Fragrance of Palo Santo is Woody, Fresh & slightly Minty.

Other Organic Essential Oils  included in this blend :

Rare Sandalwood ( Santalum album ), Frankincense& Himalayan Cedarwood

Please note - Organic Essential oils & Absolutes can be PRICEY -Especially Essential Oils such as Sandalwood & Rose Absolutes.Items are priced accordingly.**
All Essential Oils & Resins are Organic & Sustainably Resourced.

2 oz Bottle*External Use only

Sacred Woods Palo Santo Spray for Energetic Cleansing, Grounding, Purifyi

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