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Black Raven All Hallows Eve Candle
Cinnamon, Copal, Sacred Woods, Resins 
All Hallow's Eve, the scent of Fall Spice & Bonfires.
Perfect for Samhain rituals & candle workings - Manifesting
for the coming year, Ancestor Reverence, etc 
Also makes fun Halloween Decor!
All Hallows Eve or Hallowe'en, The Celtic 
Harvest / Fire Festival marking the end of Summer 
and honoring those who have passed over. 
It's a time reverence & remembrance, Endings & 
New Beginnings. 
We open the Path for a New Year. 

** Candle size is larger than standard 7 day candle **
Candle Options - Candle available with Raven or Pentacle 

Use for : Ancestor Veneration
Samhain, Halloween, Day of The Dead
Protective Magick, Divination, Ceremonies
& Ritual Work

Each candle is custom made.
Candles are blessed, dressed & infused with a dash of
Reiki and Magick !

Due to the herbs & high oil content of this candle,
Candle will burn hot.
Please do NOT leave candle unattended.
Keep out of reach of children.

* Item sold as curio only

All Hallows Eve Raven Candle / Limited Edition / Black

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