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Five Happiness

An Uplifting, Refreshing,Aromatherapy blend including
Sandalwood & Orange Essential Oils.
Based on Feng Shui principals, Oranges symbolize
Wealth & Prosperity. Orange also represents the element
of Fire. Orange energy is cheerful, warming, lifts depression.

Five Happiness is a blend of Organic Essential Oils chosen
to raise one's Chi, or personal energy.
The Essential Oils in Five Happiness Aromatherapy Spray are said
to Relax, Reduce Anxiety & Tension, Cleanse your space.
Five Happiness smells like a ripe, juicy Orange.

Orange is Yang energy - which means it's active, vibrant & social,
Perfect for Your Business or Office, Family Room,

How to Use: Spritz & step into, to cleanse your personal aura
Spray around your room, desk, car -
don't forget to get into the corners!
Spray your linens before bed Wear It!
Having company? A great inviting scent
Spray your Yoga mat - Relaxes & Disinfects
Makes a Great Holiday scent!

5 Organic essential oils,
Including Sustainably Harvested Sandalwood
& Mandarin Orange
** Please note - Organic Essential oils & Absolutes can be PRICEY -
Especially Essential Oils such as Sandalwood & Rose Absolutes.
Items are priced accordingly.

It's safe, non toxic (But please don't drink it)
Can be used around Pets & Infants
Orange Oils can be Phototoxic. Although diluted in Distilled water,
Don't bathe in it if your going to lie out in the Sun!

Spray it & Smile!

2 oz Bottle
*External Use only

Sandalwood Orange Aromatherapy/Body/House Spray for Feng Shui Prosperity Wealth


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