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Create Your Sacred Space with Sacred Woods Palo Santo Smudging Spray.
Spray Sacred Woods to Cleanse & Clear energy, creating a sense of
Well Being and Positive Vibes.
Perfect for Meditation, Altars, Creating Sacred Space,
Yoga Practice, Ceremonial & Ritual Work.

Sacred Woods is a Blend created with Tree Based Resin
& Wood Essential Oils featuring Palo Santo as the main ingredient.
Palo Santo, also know as "Holy Wood" is a Wood that grows in South America.
Used by Shamans, Medicine people believed to have been used
as far back as the Incas.
Palo Santo when burned, like White Sage releases negative Ions
in the atmosphere. Negative Ions = Positive energy.
However, Palo Santo Wood does tend to burn a bit sooty - making
the Spray a great alternative, especially for those with sensitivities to smoke.
The Fragrance of Palo Santo is Bright, Fresh & slightly Minty.

Other Tree based Organic Essential Oils
chosen for their Spiritual Energies include:
Rare Sandalwood ( Santalum album ), Frankincense
& Himalayan Cedarwood

* Please note - Organic Essential oils & Absolutes can be PRICEY -
Especially Essential Oils such as Sandalwood & Rose Absolutes.
Items are priced accordingly.

** All Essential Oils & Resins are Organic & Sustainably Resourced.

**Aromatherapy Sprays & Perfumes Do not ship outside USA**
Due to stringent regulations, Restrictions are placed on shipping
liquids, Hazardous Materials (Certain essential oils, Alcohol,etc).
That means I can be fined & so can the party receiving the item.

Once prepared items are Blessed, Infused with Reiki &
set upon a special altar.

2 oz Bottle
*External Use only

Sacred Woods Palo Santo Smudge Spray for Energetic Cleansing, Grounding, Purifyi


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