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Nirvana. A Creamy, Lush Sandalwood blended with Rose absolute.
Organic, Sustainable, Cruelty Free. Nirvana is the state of Happiness &
Peace We strive for.
When I came across this Sandalwood Essential Oil,
I knew it was special.
Every time I inhaled I felt peaceful, relaxed &
transported to an exotic place
I knew I had to do something with it -
A Meditation Blend.

Sandalwood is "believed" to have a calming effect
on the nervous system,
It's also "believed" to have a strong connection
with the spiritual realm, with it's usage referenced in the Bible.
Many cultures & religions use Sandalwood for
Spiritual & healing purposes,
Unfortunately resulting in decimating the Mysore
Sandalwood population.
Today, different varieties are being sustainably resourced.

Rose is a High Vibrational oil believed to help connect with Spirit
& connect one with the energies of love.

Occasionally there may be a slight variation in the color.
I have a few different Rose Absolutes & once in a while Spirit
may call me to use a different one.
The small amount will make an imperceptible difference to
the scent . Really it won't!

Perfect for Meditation,
Working with Angelic Realms,
Use as a Pillow Spray - I spray My bed when I just need to unwind!
Use as a Linen Spray - If you have an extra moment in the AM, give your
sheets a quick spritz before making the bed!
Spray your Yoga mat - it relaxes & disinfects
Wear It!
Room Freshener
Car Freshener
At work, tensions high? Give a spritz!

It's safe, non toxic (But please don't drink it)
Can be used around Pets & Infants

Did I mention that both Sandalwood & Rose are considered Aphrodisiacs?

**Aromatherapy Sprays & Perfumes Do not ship outside USA**
Due to stringent regulations, Restrictions are placed on shipping
liquids, Hazardous Materials (Certain essential oils, Alcohol,etc).

2 oz Bottle
*External Use only

Nirvana, Bliss in a Bottle Sandalwood and Rose Aromatherapy Spray / Body Spritz/


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