Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, is a time of celebration,
giving thanks to Mother Earth for Her Bounty.

Mabon Candle is prepared with herbs & oils
chosen to correspond with the energies of the season,
as well as the Celtic Harvest Festival of Mabon.
Among them, Cinnamon & Cloves, Chamomile
& Frankincense

The Equinox is a powerful time energetically.
Mabon, Autumn Equinox is the optimum time to
burn this candle, but it can be used anytime during
the Harvest season.

Use for Altar, Ritual, Magickal work.
Makes a beautiful Fall centerpiece.

**** Orange is currently sold out
Light Golden Orange as shown in photo
is available****

8 Inch glass encased candle
Light Golden Orange
Blended Wax
Essential Oils
Each candle is custom made

**CANDLE is available in Orange or Red -

Candles are blessed, dressed & infused with a dash of
Reiki and Magick !

Due to the herbs & high oil content of this candle,
Candle will burn hot.
Please do NOT leave candle unattended.
Keep out of reach of children.

* Item sold as curio only
* With Blessings & Gratitude to The Goddess

Mabon Candle / Autumn Equinox Candle - Altar Candle, Magick Working, Ritual, God


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