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Need Inspiration? In a funk, Creative or otherwise?
Inspire is a blend of Pure Organic Essential Oils ready to uplift, energize
& revitalize. Feeling blocked? Need to translate your vision into reality?
Get Inspired.

A blend of Essential oils including:
Grapefruit Essential Oil - believed to lift one's Spirit & bring a feeling
of optimism.
Frankincense - believed to cleanse the aura, relax and revitalize.
Frankincense helps get stagnant Qi flowing. Qi is the natural or "life force"

Who would benefit from Inspire Aromatherapy Spray?
Students, Teachers, Artists, Writers - just about anyone
Feeling Depressed? Doldrums? Grapefruit oil is great for
clearing the funk - It's NOT a substitute for medical treatment however.

Wear It!
Perfect as a Body Splash - mist & Step into it
Room Freshener
Car Freshener
Having company? A great inviting scent
Spray your Yoga mat - Relaxes & Disinfects
Chakra Spray - Especially good for working with the Solar Plexus

It's safe, non toxic (But please don't drink it)
Can be used around Pets & Infants
Citrus Oils can be Phototoxic. Although diluted in Distilled water,
Don't bathe in it if your going to lie out in the Sun!

Spray it & Get Your Muse on!

2 oz Bottle
*External Use only

Inspire-Find your Inner Muse/Frankincense&Grapefruit Aromatherapy/Unblock,Energi


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