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Dark Mother - Myrrh, ancient as The Mother Herself.
Geranium, feminine yet protective. On the Dark of The Moon,
this blend came to Me, promoting a peaceful calm energy.

Among the Organic Essential Oils included :

Myrrh used since ancient times by many cultures.
Myrrh is believed to connect with the angelic realms, to Protect
& enhance Spiritual practices. It is believed to banish negative energies.

Geranium, the heart of this blend is a soft floral note. Often used in
Aromatherapy as a mood elevator among other things. On a Spiritual
or etheric level, it is believed to be a strong protective energy.
Like The heart of the Dark Mother herself. Soft, Loving yet fiercely protective.

Black Pepper is believed to strengthen & protect. To release negative

How to Use: Spritz & step into, to cleanse your personal aura
Spray around your room, desk, car - don't forget to get into the corners!
Spray your linens before bed
Room Freshener
Car Freshener
Body Spray
At work, tensions high? Give a spritz!

** Please note - Organic Essential oils & Absolutes can be PRICEY -
Especially Essential Oils such as Sandalwood & Rose Absolutes.
Items are priced accordingly.

It's safe, non toxic (But please don't drink it)

Once prepared items are Blessed, Infused with Reiki & set upon a special altar.

Ideal for offices, those sensitive to smoke, and times when using incense
or Sage simply isn't practical!

2 oz Bottle
*External Use only

Dark Mother Protection Spray Aromatherapy Mist/Body Spray - Energetic Clearing,


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